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All our fractional panel nuts are quality inspected to ISO 9001 standards. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your custom requirements - click here to contact us.
Additonal specifications such as sizing, material and finish is available below.

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Item #
Thread Size
Across Flats Thickness
.6ENHPBN/8x2 M6-0.75 8mm x 2.0mm Brass Nickel
.7ENHPBN/10x2 M 7-0. 75 10mm x 2mm Brass Nickel
.8ENHPBN/11x2 M8-0.75 11mm x 2mm Brass Nickel
9ENHPBN/12x2 M9-0.75 12mm x 2mm Brass Nickel
.10ENHPBN/14x3 M1 0-0.75 14mm x 3mm Brass Nickel
.10FNHPOZ/14.6 M10-1.25 14mm x 6mm Steel Zinc
.11MNHPBN/13x4 M11-1.0 13mm x 4mm Brass Nickel
.12MNHPBN/1 7x4.3 M1 2-1.0 17mm x 4.3mm Brass Nickel
.12MNHPS/1 7x4.3 M1 2-1.0 1 7mm x 4.3mm Stainless Steel Plain
.15MNHPDN/75x15 M1 5-1.0 3/4in x 5/32in Zinc Die Cast Nickel
.18MNHPBN/24x4.3 M1 8-1.0 24mm x 4.3mm Brass Nickel
.18NNHPBN/24x4.3 M18-1.5 24mm x 4.3mm Brass Nickel
.22NNHPD/27x5.3 M22-1 .5 27mm x 5.3mm Zinc Die Cast Plain
.30NNHPBN/36x5.3 M30-1 .5 36mm x 5.3mm Brass Nickel


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Nutco carries all standard sizes of panel nuts in stock, including those tapped oversize. We are also capable of supplying specials to meet your needs. Not only do we keep a large volume in stock, but our specialty nuts are always in production to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it. Nutco has a complete inspection department for the utmost in quality control.

Stamped steel:

Blanks made on progressive dies in order to provide exacting thread requirements. All inspected for quality including concentricity.

Zinc die cast panel nuts:

Blanked as multiple cavity tooling. Tapped as secondaries. We are continuously tooling new sizes. The following is a partial listing. If your specific size is not listed, please contact us with your request. Minimum order small sizes is 2500 pieces (up to 3/4). Platings and materials defined on request.